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Cecily Salt Gallery

Cecily Salt creates artworks about places she’s been or where she lives around the edges of Dartmoor and South Devon. Integrating landscapes, people sketches, food experiences and sometimes quirky observations into her drawings. She enjoys responding to her environment and creating medleys of artwork that really give a sense of place.

She began in animation, making short films for Channel4 and working on adverts and in childrens tv. A couple of highlights include receiving a BAFTA nomination 2003 for a short film called Wedding Espresso and she’s mentioned in Animation, A World History Vol III.

“I always felt a yearning to be an illustrator especially when I was animating thousands of animated images - Now concentrating on just one image is dreamy! I can pour all of my energy into a single image. I draw and paint at home and sometimes outside, more likely to find me with a sketchbook when Im out and about - Then I can get my artwork photographed and printed onto high quality paper by a really nice man, Mark Burley who has a photography gallery in my town.”