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Bespoke Handprinted Cards

Invites - Christmas cards - Events

We can work with you and your ideas to design and make handprinted cards for your occasion and we have two commission windows available throughout the year. The first is September and October, so there is time for the cards to be ready to post for Christmas in early December.

The second window is February, March and April ready for summer parties and Spring/summer weddings. We make all the work we sell in our shop so we need the rest of the year for our own productions. To discuss your commission please send us an email with a brief outline of your requirements to

We begin all commissions with a consultation, face to face in person, or via an online video call like Zoom



All jobs have their unique set of requirements, here is a breakdown of costs - to give an approximate idea.

£150 design (half a day approx) chances to tweak, review and amend designs
£30 screen prep 

£1.60 print cost per card 

Extra colour or inside printing 50p per colour/per card 

Pop up elements begin at an extra £1.50 per card 

Quality kraft envelopes included 

Allow a four week turn around - we have our commission book open through September and October then again in Feb, March, April.


Sample project ‘Loaves and Fishes’ 

Bespoke design, 50 cards and envelopes, 1 colour plus inside printing and pop-up element.

£462 including VAT


About our Process

We screenprint by hand on recycled card, it takes time, skill and care to achieve this. These qualities of the process can’t help but be imbued in the card itself to add weight to your sentiment - if you want to convey a sense of thoughtfulness or attention to detail, or simple something to stand out from the crowd, our cards can help bring that message to the fore. It won’t feel like a generic card.


Each colour is printed separately, we encourage designs that use as few colours as possible - we like a clear, bold image that stands out without unnecessary detail and has impact.


We have a big choice of coloured card stock to choose from. The finish is matt and the card and envelope is recycled. Our ink is water based. We frame some of our cards as mini artworks, this could be an idea to consider if you want your card to live on after it’s primary use. The ink is archival so won’t fade even in the sun. 

Salty's Studio Handprinted Greetings Cards Style 

Our design style can be seen through our range of work displayed on our website, in our shop and Instagram feed. We aren’t able to print other peoples designs as such, if you have artwork you are looking to print we would recommend great online digital print facilities like or