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Cecily Salt drawing at Salty’s

Inky BrushstrokesDrawing cartoons and making short animations is how it began, and now Sandra Salter (aka @cecilysalt) channels her lively, flowing marks into screenprints, comic panels and sometimes sewn things.

Flavour of the gods

 Graduate of the Royal College of Art 1996, RSA Design Award winner and animation film Bafta nominee - she resides in a printshop with husband Jim in glorious Devon, where she grew up. Her hopes are to spend a bit more time working on single images, rather than the many 1000s an animation requires - but still harnessing movement, occasional wit and flowing narrative, albeit into still images (and frequently featuring food!).

Polpo limited edition screen print

Polpo (Octopus in Italian) screenprint

Prawnography 🦐 Dancing Prawns watercolour 🦐 


 Paella mixed media

Plat Du Jour prints

Work in Progress - foody prints (Plat du Jour collection)

OK Limited Edition Screenprint
Pushing the Envelope
Illustrated Envelope commemorating 175 years since the Penny Black stamp was introduced, exhibition at House of Illustration 2015. 

Printing, sewing, creating

A selection of our handprinted and constructed fabric products


lately Sandra has been working on a graphic memoir for Olympic hurdler/former Saatchi ad man Michael Parker weaving narrative threads in a highly readable and personable way. The work in progress for Life Hurdling has been longlisted for Myriad Editions First Graphic Novel Competition.

Life Hurdling one finger typing

Life Hurdling school days

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Sandra takes on some commission work to fit around family life and running the studio/shop - all enquiries welcome, contact:

Happy Cuppa