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WORKSHOP 28th February 2023
WORKSHOP 28th February 2023
WORKSHOP 28th February 2023

WORKSHOP 28th February 2023

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10am to 1pm.

Get going with screenprinting or refresher session for those who want to get back into it and refamiliarise themselves with the equipment and materials.

Screenprinting is a relatively straight forward process requiring only a few pieces of kit to start making good work. We began on our kitchen table, teaching ourselves through books and online tutorials, with plenty of trial and error along the way. We have refined our ways of producing the things that we sell in our shop, including limited edition prints, handprinted cards and other gifts - and we hope to pass on our knowledge through this first steps workshop. We hope you’ll be inspired to continue playing around with images and ideas in ways that bring great satisfaction in the process and with the end product you can keep or give to friends or family, be it a print, a card, a tote bag...

You can bring ideas/reference material as a starting point, like a photo, a magazine clipping/print-outs or a poem or let the session unfold and be led by inspiration we have to hand in the shop. To begin with you will make an image to burn onto a screen which you can then print from, we have pens and ink to trace images or to freely draw/paint however you prefer.

After you’ve made one screen, you will be able to cut stencils or tear paper to make blocks of coloured areas to add more layers to your initial design.

Held in Salty’s Studio shop space - we have room for three people, maybe four if you’re all very friendly! We have a small washroom/cloakroom.

Tea, coffee and biscuits included.