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Plat du Jour


'Onglet' (Plat Du Jour) Salty's Studio's screenprinted food series

We are not chefs, farmers or in any way able to cater for more than the usual Sunday lunch, but we do love our food - and all things foodish!

So to honour all our culinary favourites we began in screenprinting by making limited edition food worshipping prints ‘ Onglet’ is the first one we rustled up and is as sketchy as our printing skills allowed in the early days - but then as we got a bit more skilled so have the prints.

Since Onglet - we’ve seen prawns, platters, anchovies, quick reference condiment cards and most recently our most complex print, flower ladies at a Ukrainian picnic, made especially for Stand Tall Art Auction - they are selling out of their editions so the walls are looking a bit bare foodwise, in the shop - so it is about time to step up the pace and feed our customers some fresh platefuls! There really is no end to the inspiration especially living here in a town with many foodie offerings and a county rich in forward thinkers in farming and business - some of our recent favourites include Riverford, Sharpham Elmhirst, Fresh Flour, Ella’s Bakery, Hylsten Bakery, The Bull Inn, Creamo’s, Rendangandrice, Arthur’s at Taylors, Rafikis, the pizza truck at Summerhill campsite.

Im hoping to do lots of tasty research over the summer so i can put a great menu of fresh work together to tempt you all. Keep checking back - our menu changes often!

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