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Sandra Salter and Jim Salter

Sandra and Jim Salter design and make limited edition screen prints from their studio shop in the picturesque town of Ashburton, Devon. Jim is a graphic designer with a playful approach to clean bold type and simple visual icons. Sandra started out as an animation filmmaker and has a love of fresh, energetic brush marks and stories about food.

They became screen printers after years of working in creative media finding it has brought them back to hands-on work they love.

“It’s energised us to become connected to the whole process, from designing, to making to selling. You become responsible for every step of the journey - sourcing materials, finding inspiration, to managing your retail (and online) space. I think that attention to all those details comes across as a very unique experience when you step into our shop. You are entering our creative zone and we hope that in itself can be inspiring.”

Sandra and Jim 

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We will be taking part in the loyalty scheme coming in May 2021 to Ashburton shops.

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