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poetry film

Channel 4 - Random Act

Animated poetry film, made in collaboration with poet Benedict Newbery.

The Royal Oak won the Best Animation Audience Choice Award at the Purbeck Shorts 
competition at the Purbeck Film Festival.

The film was exhibited in the 2013 Ludlow Open Rural Contemporary Art Showcase.

Chosen as the opening film for the Filmpoem Festival in Dunbar, Scotland, 
in August 2013; and featured on Moving Poems in November 2013. 

It featured in an introduction to poetry film in the Huffington Post and a review in Awkward Paper Cut said: "I rarely saw an animated video that came this close to imitating real life, yet not looking like it." 

It was chosen to be screened at Ink and Print, an art show that will be open during Philalalia, a three-day print and book festival at Temple University in Philadelphia. A looping exhibit of eight animated shorts. These works demonstrate connections between language, print, and the moving image.

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