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Meet Bronia Bronia our next shop takeover!

Bronia Bronia screenprints

A warm welcome to Bronia Bronia who is setting out her stall in Salty’s Studio shop - Wednesday 26th October until the 29th October 2022 After the brilliant success of having Field System take over at Easter, we are delighted to have another like minded creative to keep our high street patch pumping out the positive, upbeat visuals! Here a little Q&A so you can get an idea of who Bronia is and what she is bringing to Ashburton. 

Sandra: Hello Bronia and welcome to our Salty’s Shop Takeover! We love your fresh, colourful designs and think it will sit nicely in our studio shop space, really looking forward to seeing it here when you takeover. Can you tell us a bit about your work, how did you become a screenprinter and how long have you been doing it for?

Bronia: Hello :) and thank you for having me..I’m excited for the shop takeover! I Screenprint mostly, in bold, bright colours, using abstract shapes and design and I have just started making rugs of some of my prints.I did my first ever Screenprint aged 10.. And after studying photography at college I then did lots of evening classes in printmaking, once I picked up a squeegee again I never looked back!

Sandra: You have recurring colours and icons in your work, have you set yourself some rules to work within or do they occur naturally, just what you are drawn to?

Bronia: I love colour, and clearly circles. I don’t have rules, I like to see what happens next. I always have a pencil and paper with me so I can sketch out new print designs when they pop into my head. I really enjoy the whole process of screenprinting from mixing inks to seeing the final print. I guess if I did have a rule it would be to include a neon circle in each of my prints!

Sandra: Where do you make your work?

Bronia: I mostly print at home in my shed/studio and sometimes I pop to Makegood prints in Dartington or Ocean Studios in Plymouth. Both great spaces with good printing facilities and it’s always lovely to connect with fellow creatives.

Sandra: Do you find Devon a creative region? There is an abundance of natural resources to draw inspiration from, but how can that inspire a contemporary/modern aesthetic?

Bronia: There’s so much creativity in Devon, I think just being amongst the rolling hills and wide open skies is inspiration enough - space to breathe and think up new prints. A lot of my inspiration comes from my family, I have architects, graphic designers and printers in my family so grew up in very contemporary, creative houses.

Sandra: You’ve exhibited and sold at creative markets before - have you ever taken over a shop? Any clues what the customers can expect?

Bronia: I haven’t! But I’m so looking forward to it. Customers can expect lots of colour, large & small prints, cards and even match-boxed sized prints too! My work is quite playful with clean lines, shapes & pattern. Some of which are very limited editions. It will be lovely to see new faces so please pop in and say hello.

Sandra: Who’s work do you follow, admire, find inspiring? 

Bronia: I’ve always enjoyed Kandinsky and seeing an exhibition of his in the Guggenheim New York when I was a teenager definitely had a lasting effect and greatly inspired me, I love the space in his works. I also love Terry Frost and Sonia Delaunay… if they were alive and had Instagram I’d definitely be following them!

Bronia will be running the shop, Salty’s Studio at 30 North Street, Ashburton from Wednesday through Saturday this October half term. You can also check out and buy her work on her website too We hope plenty of you will be popping in to meet our latest takeover guest!

A reduced stock of Salty’s cards and prints will still be available to purchase, and the shop will be returned to Salty’s Studio on the 7th November.


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