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You Are the Gift - ideas for non present presents!


Ply Wood printed baubles with 'you are the gift' writing laid out on a drying rack

You are the gift, you really are! For everyone interested in hearing more about our Salty's shop,  you are giving your support and encouragement to us just by tuning in - and that means the world to us. We may be in the business of selling stuff, but having a ground swell of cheerleaders and supporters is what keeps us going and moving forwards! We couldn't do it without you so here's a really big THANK YOU to you all!!

We are also grateful to those who've purchased our short run, special cards that don't come in multipacks, we just can't make bulk discounts because they are still handprinted one by one. But we see you understand that and these become the special couple of cards you may send to your special people. Thank you for choosing us!

'You are the gift' in word form however is clearly not tangible enough to our dear tween/teen kids as we brace ourselves for the slight whiff of disappointment this Christmas when they don't get everything off their very expensive wish lists. We wouldn't say they are spoilt, but the forces that drive the desire to have/need 'all the shiny best stuff' are increasingly running stronger than our voice alone. So we're on the hunt for alternative actions that can sneak into the holidays to corrupt our Christmas with a 'you are the gift' agenda! Actions speak louder than words they say.

1. Spending better time together (do something with no devices!) sounds simple  and obvious but we now need to make a conscious effort to do this. Im probably the worse culprit, always checking my instagram feed or bank account, or message from family, or my duolingo streak! 

2. Read together (cozy up and read - lessening the FOMO if you're all reading at the same time)

3. Spend time in nature - we really have no excuse there, with Dartmoor on our doorstep,  heaps of beaches around and an energetic dog. Hound Tor is a favourite place for us, good for parking and not getting lost as we walk through the Hound Tor stones over the top and down to the medieval village. 

4. Bake a new thing ( already discussed and agreed, we will be making tiny gingerbread houses (less collapsing) - Kim Joy has never ending delightful ideas in her books/socials Kim Joy Christmas Book)

5. Learn a card game - recently found that the kids love Blackjack and Cheat!

6. Be generous with praise - but make sure it's true. This is of course obvious, but I feel i'm often too busy to stop and feedback. Simple as noticing a thing they do well i.e. tidying a cupboard (you may laugh on)

7. Tidy a cupboard - mine love to tidy a kitchen cupboard! Make it a thing :) Get everything out, then put it all back!! I will not let this talent go to waste. Especially the baking cupboard, they love to check all the sell by dates on pots and pots of sprinkles!

 8. Dance around the (now tidy) kitchen - Thanks to the lockdown innovation of Sophie Ellis-Bextor - we even have mini disco lights now!

9. Watch a feel good movie - Obvious I know, but any opportunity to raise the feel good factor is welcomed. Also Matilda movie is out at cinemas now.

10. Find a new walk - make it everyones business to research and plan. Will report back on this.

11. Ask good questions - listen with intent! I found The Key Jar, which has sheet after sheet of questions to print out, cut up and put in a jar, then ask children, but for that matter anyone sat around the table this Christmas - to unlock their thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears, and innermost secrets! Sounds cheesy but it weirdly works.

12. Dress up for dinner - or breakfast for that matter, making it special, memorable, fun! jewellery, make up, candles, napkins, starters or whatever your version of fancy is. 

There's a few suggestions we will be pondering over the next couple of weeks, trying to instil better habits, bringing more casual JOY to the daily routine. Trying to remember that no amount of excessive shopping, eating, hosting, partying, drinking - can take away from the fact you are enough as you are this Christmas and it's not necessary the 'stuff' that makes the magic. This, if nothing else, is my message to myself!

We wish you all find some peaceful and meaningful moments amongst the merry making!

Best wishes from Salty's Studio

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