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Stranger’s Welcome
Stranger’s Welcome
Stranger’s Welcome
Stranger’s Welcome

Stranger’s Welcome

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‘Strangers welcome’ is fluid and energetic medley of drawn elements, composed to make a joyful proud poster celebrating the Ukrainian hospitality I’d experienced on a boat trip in Ukraine in 2003 - working with flower ladies, a picnic in the woods and a feast on fisherman's island, I put the grandmother character centre stage as a hero and embodiment of working with what you’ve got, making the best of ingredients and perhaps limited resources, but still welcoming people in.

25% from each sale will be donated to the Stand Tall Art Auction fund - who’s proceeds support Disasters Emergency Committee and Beyond Borders Totnes

A2 seven colour Limited Edition screenprint
on GFSmith paper with archival ink
Edition of 20
Signed Cecily Salt

delivered in a cardboard tube

A bit about Cecily Salt (aka Sandra Salter)

I found my style was such a departure from the ‘Salty’s’ brand I needed a separate identity to freely explore my illustrative work without feeling I was not being Salty’s enough. So here is Cecily Salt, my grandmothers name and Salt (without the ‘er’). I began as an animator and developed storytelling skills working on short films with Channel 4 and storyboarding for tv series - you might spot the things I’ve designed in the shop as they usual involve a hand drawn line. Now with Procreate and an iPad Pro I’m free to work anywhere, in the shop, at the beach - in many ways - for illustration, print and storytelling. You’ll still find me running and promoting Salty’s Studio front of house!