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Bellyboard Guide - a practical guide/vintage booklet

Bellyboard Guide - a practical guide/vintage booklet

The original ‘How to Surf’ guide, produced by Charles Pearce & Sons in the1960s.

Produced and printed over 50 years ago (when bellyboarding was known as surfing), this little booklet is packed full of information and insights on where to go surfing, sea conditions and how to select and care for your prized Surfrider Bellyboard. So much of the info is still relevant for bellyboarding today!

These are the original copies - printed in South Molton, Devon. They have been kept in storage for the last 50+ years and are in excellent condition, but, will show some signs of ageing.

Very limited stock left. Highly collectable!

‘‘Surfing is becoming an increasingly popular sport in this country, as its suitable for people of all ages, provides the maximum enjoyment with the minimum of equipment and expense‘‘