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Cleaning up Ice cream - spellcheck!

Oh goodness we’ve had a week - so happy was I to broadcast our latest print, the ice cream map of Devon and Cornwall - to then get the messages from eagle eyed followers, letting us know (and I'm very grateful for those gentle messages) we had not one, but two spelling mistakes on the map, we were sent crashing into horror and embarrassment for our oversight and wasted efforts!

But then ..we took a deep breath, and set about trying to make amends. First out telling everyone who’d already bought a print, offered their money back or a slight delay, that we were going to reprint the whole edition after some serious double, triple spellchecking!! What began as a sad admission of failure on my part - the response, positivity and connection with our customers made up for it in buckets. Thank you to you all!

And now we feel just about ready, though tad nervous to face the world again. We are really grateful of the patience shown by everyone around us.

Screenprinting is not as straight forward as pressing a button and we seem to have had a fair share of ‘learning the hard way’ It’s a very hands on process involving ordering paper, actual ink, mixing/testing colours, exposing screened with images, and then the actual physicality of pulling each colour across a screen - we are never quite sure how many the edition will be when we start out. It’s one of the things we love about it - full of risk with each step of the process but when it works it is a joyful thing. That’s the craft of it, right there!

So we finally think we’ve got it right now - Newton Abbot does only have one T at the end and Barnstaple is with a P not a B! We took the opportunity to add a few more places and this time around, we got the edition up to 150. A nice looking number!

They now just need to be signed and numbered and we’re ready to go again - we should have it hanging in the window before long too! 

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