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Plat du Jour

Since Onglet - we’ve seen prawns, platters, anchovies, quick reference condiment cards and most recently our most complex print, flower ladies at a Ukrainian picnic, made especially for Stand Tall Art Auction - they are selling out of their editions so the walls are looking a bit bare foodwise, in the shop - so it is about time to step up the pace and feed our customers some fresh platefuls!

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Flattery will get you everywhere!

ClientRural Touring SchemeProjectTwo rural touring schemes Arts Alive and Highlights commissioned Salty's to make an animated fundraising film, to be played in village halls and community centres before events, to encourage audience members to donate to their charities. We thought the softest approach would be to love bomb the audience with praise and gratitude for their support of the touring schemes, which in turn would encourage generous donations. It was a joy to research and draw the village halls which come in many shapes and forms. Voice of Tony HawksMusic Rob Heron and the Teapad OrchestraScript advisor Liz HyderVoice recording Ian Daniels at Radio were able to create 12 animated GIFs from the film for sharing on social media.  

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Polpo without pomp!

Polpo, Italian for Octopus, is the second in Salty's foodie series. The image evolved from a Venice trip sketchbook -  the abundance of casual delicious snacks couldn't go unnoticed. What is striking and also annoying when eating abroad, is what would be considered a fine dining dish or artisanal in Britain is readily available and affordable without pomp everywhere else!  

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