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Stand Tall Art Auction spreading hope and raising cash!

Stand Tall Art Auction happened in July 2022 and was an act of solidarity through creativity, curated by art-minded friends from Ashburton, Devon; writer Sylvie Saunders, Salty’s screen-printer Sandra Salter and designer Kate Humphries. It was a peaceful and hopeful response to the war in Ukraine and conflict the world over. The aim to spread positivity with art while bringing communities together and raising funds for good causes. And through the generosity of 20+ South West artists the idea became a reality and raised £15K for DEC Ukraine Humanitarian effort and Beyond Borders Totnes, a charity that helps to create a warm welcome and offer support to displaced people arriving into the South West. We were able to support Sylvie...

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Before Screenprinting, A Poetry Film, or two!

ClientChannel 4 - Random ActProjectAnimated poetry film, made in collaboration with poet Benedict Newbery. Before getting into screenprinting, one half of Salty’s Studio (aka me!) was an animation filmmaker. I studied at animation at West Surrey College of Art and Design, then at the Royal College of Art. Always looking for inventive, creative outlets I explored many ways to work in animation, even running a small boutique studio with illustrator Yasmeen Ismail for a couple of years. One of the last projects I worked on was The Royal Oak, a collaboration with poet Benedict Newbery and a Channel4 commission. It won the Best Animation Audience Choice Award at the Purbeck Shorts competition at the Purbeck Film Festival.The film was exhibited in the...

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Plat du Jour - limited edition food prints

Since Onglet - we’ve seen prawns, platters, anchovies, quick reference condiment cards and most recently our most complex print, flower ladies at a Ukrainian picnic, made especially for Stand Tall Art Auction - they are selling out of their editions so the walls are looking a bit bare foodwise, in the shop - so it is about time to step up the pace and feed our customers some fresh platefuls!

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Polpo without pomp!

Polpo, Italian for Octopus, is the second in Salty's foodie series. The image evolved from a Venice trip sketchbook -  the abundance of casual delicious snacks couldn't go unnoticed. What is striking and also annoying when eating abroad, is what would be considered a fine dining dish or artisanal in Britain is readily available and affordable without pomp everywhere else!  

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