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Handprinted feature us on their blog!

Handprinted have been one of our main suppliers of ink and other screenprinting supplies since we began and we know we can get just what we need and it usually turns up next day, always packed with a mini roll of sweethearts! Of course its a race to open the pack to win the sweeties (I, Sandra usually win!! Head to their blog here to read our full article - lots more to see on their website too. Not just screenprinting but supplies, articles and tutorials for all printers.

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Cleaning up Ice cream - spellcheck!

Oh goodness we’ve had a week - so happy was I to broadcast our latest print, the ice cream map of Devon and Cornwall - to then get the messages from eagle eyed followers, letting us know (and I'm very grateful for those gentle messages) we had not one, but two spelling mistakes on the map, we were sent crashing into horror and embarrassment for our oversight and wasted efforts! But then ..we took a deep breath, and set about trying to make amends. First out telling everyone who’d already bought a print, offered their money back or a slight delay, that we were going to reprint the whole edition after some serious double, triple spellchecking!! What began as a...

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Salty’s is a Silver Supporter of RNLI Torbay

Jim has helped design and brand the Torbay Lifeboat latest fundraising challenge with friend, photographer and crew mate Nigel Millard. Jim and Nigel have worked a lot together over the years and its great they can continue their creative relationship to support the great cause of RNLI. From March 2022, RNLI Torbay crew members embark on a series of six intrepid and fearsome tasks, culminating in the 8 oldest climbing to the summit of Kilimanjaro in February 2023. All to raise money for their local lifeboat station. Our crew have bravely accepted a relay of challenges including skydiving, endurance swimming, cycling, rowing, driving, that culminates in February 2023 with the 8 oldest crew-members (average age of 60) hiking to the...

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Stand Tall Art Auction spreading hope and raising cash!

Stand Tall Art Auction happened in July 2022 and was an act of solidarity through creativity, curated by art-minded friends from Ashburton, Devon; writer Sylvie Saunders, Salty’s screen-printer Sandra Salter and designer Kate Humphries. It was a peaceful and hopeful response to the war in Ukraine and conflict the world over. The aim to spread positivity with art while bringing communities together and raising funds for good causes. And through the generosity of 20+ South West artists the idea became a reality and raised £15K for DEC Ukraine Humanitarian effort and Beyond Borders Totnes, a charity that helps to create a warm welcome and offer support to displaced people arriving into the South West. We were able to support Sylvie...

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poetry film

ClientChannel 4 - Random ActProjectAnimated poetry film, made in collaboration with poet Benedict Newbery. The Royal Oak won the Best Animation Audience Choice Award at the Purbeck Shorts competition at the Purbeck Film Festival.The film was exhibited in the 2013 Ludlow Open Rural Contemporary Art Showcase.Chosen as the opening film for the Filmpoem Festival in Dunbar, Scotland, in August 2013; and featured on Moving Poems in November 2013. It featured in an introduction to poetry film in the Huffington Post and a review in Awkward Paper Cut said: "I rarely saw an animated video that came this close to imitating real life, yet not looking like it." It was chosen to be screened at Ink and Print, an art show that will be open during Philalalia,...

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